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Stay tuned PPR Friends!  We are working on a brand new website and we're so excited to share it with you very soon.  Excuse us for not updating our current site as often as we should.  Keep an eye on things because a beautiful new site is just around the corner.  Thanks for supporting PPR!

Home Sweet Home

Boo made her way into the hearts and home of her new family in The Villages.  Boo brought a little piece of PPR with her too.  Our talented and thoughtful volunteer, Kim G (who never wants any credit, but she deserves it!!), makes these blankets for PPR dogs to have comfort while in care and to have something that smells like home as they transition to their new lives.  Thanks to all of our amazing adopters for rescuing and thanks to our volunteers for all of your many, special gifts! 


They Broke My Neck

At just 8 months old, Milo has experienced more pain and cruelty in his life than any dog should ever endure.  This young boy was picked up as a stray, potentially hit by a car and brought to local animal control.  PPR was asked to help and we had a volunteer pick him up right away.  After a thorough examination by our vet, it was discovered that there was no evidence of being struck by a car - no lacerations, no road rash, no fractured limbs or bruising.  Milo presented with rope burn and hair loss around his tiny neck.  Our vet concluded that there were clear signs of intentional torture and abuse.  Milo's broken neck is due to either being hung with a rope or swung by the rope while tied around his neck, like you would a tetherball.  Extreme, intentional force is necessary to cause such a break. 

Milo's Radiographs

Milo has none of the swagger that pups his age should enjoy.  His eyes are dim, his manner unsure.  We don't know if he ever experienced the splendor of puppyhood.  What we do know is that Milo was tormented and brutalized.  He came face to face with barbarity and bears the scars.  Milo is sweet, but sweet in a timid "please don't hurt me" way.  He breaks our hearts and every day we are fighting for him to gain strength and learn to trust.  We want Milo to have the opportunity to create new memories.  This little guy needs a miracle and we're hoping that you can help to make that happen. 

Milo's Rope Burn

Milo needs an experienced, patient, loving and gentle foster home.  Our vet wants Milo in the water, he needs to have weekly hydrotherapy sessions so a pool in your backyard would be ideal.  He needs to be walked very slowly and carefully with a sling to help support him.  Milo also needs help for his extensive medical care, including hospitalization, therapy and ongoing treatment.  If you're able to help with Milo's veterinary care, please click the donate button below.  We'll send you updates on Milo with photos and medical progress.  We're not going to let another human fail him - thank you for caring.

Milo's Fresh Start

Volunteer Spotlight!

Whether she's behind the screen, plugging away on our social media posts and accepting grateful kisses from her fur son (PPR alumn and foster fail), Eddie....or representing PPR onscreen with local Fox news and spreading the word about our cause, Deb is always working her tail off as a dedicated PPR volunteer.  Deb's been a strong team member and friend of PPR for 10 years.  Why does she do what she does?  Simple, because it saves lives.  Sending emails, managing phone calls, updating donors, transporting dogs, fostering dogs, taking pictures, working events - every single task lends to saving lives.  Thank you, Deb, for continuing to work so hard every day, not only as our social media guru, but as an amazing foster mom! 

If you're interested in volunteering, we're currently looking for event volunteers.  If you'd like to learn more about these opportunities, please email our team at events@poodleandpoochrescue.orgThank you!


All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

Hattie needs a foster home! She's ready, just waitin' on you! She spent 7 years in a cage having puppies and Hattie's had enough! Now she's ready to start her new life, but she needs a foster family to take care of her.  If you have the patience and experience to foster or adopt a dog that needs to learn how to walk on a leash, sit on a sofa and live in a world that is larger than 2' by 2', click here to meet Hattie! Foster Application.

Volunteer Spotlight! 
A volunteer on two PPR teams, Carson fosters and does transport for us. PPR is constantly taking in dogs with medical conditions, seniors left behind at the shelter, and neglected dogs that have never felt a soft bed. Carson's former foster, Squeaky, was on her last day at the shelter, her chances were slim as she had a broken leg that needed immediate medical attention. But PPR gave her a chance, we believed in her, and she was given the medical care she so desperately needed. Carson opened her home to Squeaky and gave her a place to rest from her injury and learn how to be loved again. Squeaky has since found a loving forever home and has a second chance in life.Carson says that Squeaky is the perfect example of what initially drew her to PPR and what keeps her coming back. Carson has two of her own rescues - a big, fluffy, super mutt named Pretzels and a Cavalier King Charles named Molly. We appreciate you Carson!

43 More Arrived this Week

The breeder released 43 more dogs to Poodle and Pooch Rescue. We now have a total of 73. Our vets and volunteers are tired, but we know how to manage these large intakes, while ensuring that every dog gets individualized care. Our donors are helping us pay the veterinary bills for the mastectomies, hernia repairs, extensive dentals, diagnostics and orthopedic surgeries. If you haven't donated yet, now would be a great time. Many of these new dogs were groomed today. One little blonde Poodle stiffened and shook when the groomer picked her up. After some cuddling, she started to relax as she sat on the groomers lap who was sitting on the floor. As the groomer shaved off her matts, still sitting on the floor, this little Poodle fell asleep on her lap. It took almost an hour to shave her and when she woke up, she was a new dog. Today was the first day of the rest of her life. Multiply this by 73. These dogs know their lives have changed and they are safe now. Please help us pay their veterinary bills. Thank you.


Wednesday, three PPR volunteers rescued 30 dogs from a backyard breeder.

We needed to act fast before he gave these dogs to other breeders, continuing the cycle of breeding. These dogs were living outside exposed to storms and heat year after year, puppies sold at the local flea market. This is a tough situation and we hope the breeder will give us more dogs so that we can get them the veterinary care they need and find them loving homes. The hardest part was leaving without being able to save them all. We are working with the breeder to get the rest.

The dogs are at East Orlando Animal Hospital (407 277-3497) and Chuluota Veterinary Hospital (407 366-3233).Please help us afford their extensive veterinary care. Please call our vets and donate by phone to the PPR Breeder Dogs or click the yellow Donate button below. We need your help to heal them. We absolutely cannot do this without extraordinary people like you.

Can You Foster a Dog?

We recently brought in 30 dogs from a breeder, between 8 - 15 lbs, various breeds. Some are pictured below, but there are dozens more. They need foster homes with experienced families. Although these dogs are sweet, they are scared and extremely shy. They spent their lives in cages, so the world is new to them. They don't know how to walk on a leash and they are probably not housetrained. We are looking for families that will be patient with the extra attention these dogs need. A home with a fenced in yard and no small children would be best. If you are interested in fostering one of these sweet dogs for a minimum of 3 weeks, please complete the PPR Foster Application on our website. We will supply everything you need. Thank you.

Shammee (boy)



Addison (girl)

Ansley (girl)



Groomers to the Rescue!

Thank you to the groomers at "As The Tail Wags" for donating their time to groom the breeder dogs we rescued on Wednesday! This crew saw us on the news and didn't hesitate to help. Within hours, Kimberly, Tanya, Megan, Kristie, Xander and Ashely (not pictured) showed up at Chuluota Veterinary Hospital with their equipment in hand, ready to work! They made these dogs feel pampered for the first time in their lives. Please visit "As The Tail Wags" on FB and let them you appreciate them or head over to their Oviedo shop and tell them in person!

Lady Needed PPR

Lady was brought into animal control as a potential car hit; she wasn’t bearing weight on her front leg, lesions and lacerations covered her neck, she had swollen limbs, bruising and she was whimpering in pain. Nobody wanted Lady. Nobody, but PPR of course! We took one look at her sweet face and we knew she needed us. Lady is a 2 year old dog who should be running and playing, not left in a cold cage with a broken leg, shivering, alone and afraid.

Now in PPR’...s care, radiographs revealed that her injuries were too severe and had been left untreated for too long, amputation was required. Lady now has PPR in her corner and we’ll see to it that she has a lifetime of love ahead of her. No more suffering and neglect for this sweet girl. Lady is going to be just fine! Just like all of our 3-legged, tri-paws that have been in care, within a couple of weeks she’ll be running like the wind, able to do everything that a 4-legged pup can do (except shake with her left paw)!

Your donations change the lives of dogs that others have tossed aside. Please click on any of the donate button here on this site so we can continue to say YES to dogs like Lady. No donation is too small. Every dollar makes a difference to these Special Needs Dogs. Thank you!


Sitting Pretty

Savannah was at animal control. Despite how awful she felt, her skin and toes so inflamed she winced when she walked, Savannah put on a brave face. She smiled with her sad eyes and bottom teeth at everyone who walked by her cage, hoping someone wouldn't look away. She tried to make herself look friendly and approachable, because this is how she felt. She wagged her tail, hopefully anticipating someone might stop to pet her. When this didn't work, Savannah started bleating a low plaintive howl to the many who "couldn't" look at her because looking away was easier. How cowardly they were to turn away from this loving dog simply because she bore the scars of her neglect; while Savannah was so courageous to not only give humans another chance, but to beg for the privilege. Poodle and Pooch Rescue could not resist Savannah's hope. We saved her and after months of treatment, much of her hair grew back, but not all of it. It takes a special person to see Savannah’s true beauty and when Alexandra applied to adopt Savannah, we knew Savannah had won the lottery!  Alexandra tells us that Savannah LOVES car rides because she wants to be with her family everywhere they go. Despite the disapproving looks from the public, Alexandra won’t stop taking Savannah on outings because she enjoys them way too much. Alexandra says “If you see Savannah out and about, come pet her and tell her how pretty she is. She loves hearing that! And if you have kids, Savannah gives you an awesome opportunity to teach them not to be scared of "different".…and about acceptance”.  This is a story about a forgiving prescient pooch who never gave up hope. Savannah inspires her family every day and energizes Poodle and Pooch Rescue to keep saving the special needs dogs because she teaches us what it really means to be beautiful.

Volunteer Spotlight

Heartbreak Leads to Helping

Morgan is a PPR volunteer on our Donation Team. The loss of her beloved grandmother strongly motivated Morgan to join us. She and her entire family are dog lovers, especially her grandmother, Morgan wanted to give back in a meaningful way that honored her grandmother’s legacy of service and goodwill. Morgan learned about PPR a few years back when her parents adopted a PPR dog, Benny, so it was only natural that she picked us to give back to! Although Morgan travels extensively for work and has a very busy life, she’s found the time to make a difference in the lives of PPR dogs. We appreciate you, Morgan!
If you'd like to learn more about volunteering for PPR, let's talk! Complete a volunteer application here: Volunteer Application and we'll be in touch. 

Seniors are euthanized every day at animal controls across the state, because they are not adopted. Many have been neglected their whole lives, only to have them end at animal control. Let’s save them! PPR can turn back time for these dogs—add years to their lives by making them healthy and give them the time of their lives with loving families. Instead of letting them die alone at animal control, let's help us save them. Please donate to PPR’s “Senior Skip Day"! Remember that day when we were seniors and skipped school? It’s like that only WAY BETTER!! We got a day, but these dogs get a LIFE! Click below to donate between June 16-June 26!

Wiley Has Left the Building!

Senior pooch Wiley (aka Riley) skipped out of animal control today! Poodle and Pooch Rescue picked up Wiley and brought him to Chuluota Veterinary Hospital to start his new life! Help us save more seniors by donating to our Senior Skip Day Fundraiser! A $25 donation helps us save these wonderful old dogs from euthanasia so they can get the veterinary care they need then be spoiled by our wonderful adopters! Donate below to help us save more seniors!

Another Old Dog Saved!

Snow, another senior pooch, is home and look at her smile! Snow was at animal control, about to be euthanized because like most seniors, nobody wanted her. We saved her and we want to save more! Please donate to our Senior Skip Day Fundraiser so we can go to animal control and save more seniors like Snow. There's just 3 days left so please donate soon! A donation of $25 makes a difference, but if you can help more, we can save more. These wonderful old dogs were tossed away by their owners and are sitting at animal control. We will skip them out of there and get them the veterinary care they need. The dogs we save will be spoiled by new families for the rest of their lives! Please join us! Please help us save more seniors by donating below. Snow says, "Thank You"!! 


Meet Graham and Dale. You might think there is nothing special about them. Just another pair of Senior brothers that were dumped at the shelter by their owner, because they had gotten “so old” and “needed too much medical care.” Well, although Graham and Dale’s story is sadly all too common, there is nothing ordinary about the two of them. They are especially sweet and they both have an extraordinary amount of love left to give. Love has no age limit. Graham and Dale might not be the youngest anymore, but that just means they have years of practice showing you the kind of unconditional love only a dog can give. They did not deserve to be abandoned by an owner that they used to love so much, yet had no regard for them when they needed him most.

But don’t despair – thanks to our Senior Skip Day campaign, Graham and Dale are busting out of the shelter and are on the way to their new live! We will give them all the veterinary care Senior dogs like the two of them need, including bloodwork, radiographs, and advanced diagnostics, but most importantly we will let them know that from here on out everything will be okay. After some time in foster care, when they are healthy and ready, we will list Graham and Dale for adoption, so they can find a forever family that actually deserves their unconditional love.

If you would like to help us save more Senior dogs like Graham and Dale, please consider making a donation to our Senior Skip Day fund. No contribution is too small!  The Look of Love

Flynn was once a stray in south Florida - badly injured, wandering, looking for his next meal, searching for a safe place to sleep, fending for himself and surviving on the streets with a degloved paw.  He was rescued and brought to PPR's care where we got to work to heal him.  We wanted him to know that now he could rest, he was safe, loved and that he'd never be tossed out like trash to struggle on the streets again.  We amputated Flynn's leg due to the severity of his injury.  But his loving spirit never waivered.  He trusted us and we gave him all the love we could give.

Stephanie met Flynn and knew he was the boy for her.  Flynn went from abandoned and neglected to cherished and adored.  Instead of surviving on the streets, he now comfortably rests his head on Stephanie's shoulder, places his paw in her hand and looks at her with those beautiful brown eyes saying so much without ever saying a word.  He knows he's safe and right there, next to his mom, is where he was always meant to be.

Thank you to Flynn's dedicated rescuers in south Florida, where so many dogs are abandoned every single day.  The volunteers there work tirelessly to take care of these dogs that others have tossed out of their cars without a glance in the rear view mirror.  And thank you to Stephanie for recognizing the beauty in a rescued, tri-paw'd and providing him with such an awesome life, allowing him to forget about his past.  He hasn't looked back since. 


Doris Day, a remarkable woman, has passed away, but her legacy lives on with the Doris Day Animal Foundation. Poodle and Pooch Rescue has been a grateful recipient of grants from this foundation over the years. Her confidence and trust in our group continues to energize us. Every single donation and hour volunteered is what makes PPR great. We are so sad that this amazing woman is gone, but we know we made her proud and we will continue to live up to her hopes for us. We honor her memory by doing what she wants us to do-- save more dogs.

Volunteer Spotlight

Cora is chillin' with her foster brother Stanton. Stanton plays with Cora, but he also knows that fostering a dog isn't just about quality time, it's about quantity time! Relaxing with Cora is just as important as playing with her. Cora loves doing anything with her foster brother, it doesn't matter to her, as long as she has a buddy. Cora is a playful, 7 yr old terrier who loves dogs and humans. We will list her for adoption soon, but if you want to be first in line, apply to adopt her by clicking here: Cora! Or if you want to save a dog this summer, like Stanton, please sign up to foster a dog by clicking here! Foster a Dog!

Treat Yo' Self!

At just 4 and 6 years old, Carly and Owen wanted to set up a popsicle stand in the neighborhood to raise money for the dogs of Poodle and Pooch Rescue.  Jett, PPR alumuns, wanted to help too so he worked the crowds with his wagging tail and offered kisses to everyone that stopped by to support his old pals at PPR.  With so many sad stories popping up on our news feeds, it's refreshing to see such young advocates working hard and raising awareness.  Kudos to their parents for raising such amazing kids and a big thanks to Carly, Owen and Jett for hitting the streets in the Florida heat for a great cause!

Another Cheap Shot

What did Lucky do that he deserved to be shot? No dog deserves this, but our radiographs continue to reveal the "incidental finding" that yet another dog has been shot. Lucky has a great heart, good knees and incidentally, he was tortured for the amusement of a coward. There is no medical reason to remove this pellet. In 12 years, we have only removed one pellet because it was lodged close to an eye. So this is not a medical issue for Lucky, but that doesn't make it any less sickening. We will never become accustomed to seeing our dogs' bodies littered with lead, reminders of the monsters in their prior lives. We know their future is filled with love, but it pisses us off that they had to suffer through their the past to get there. Please help us save more dogs that need us. Please donate to Poodle and Pooch Rescue.

Senior Moments

This isn't exhaustion, it's complete relaxation. This is the face of a dog without a care in the world. After breakfast, some romping outside, then barking her head off until her foster mom carried her around for an hour, Pixie is starting her mid-morning nap. Ahhhh....... life is good. Poodle and Pooch Rescue saves the seniors who are written off by others as "too old". That's dumb. Our seniors pack so much personality, and provide so much love and laughter with moments like this, why aren't there lines at animal control trying to get these dogs first? Look at what people are missing!

In Memory of Paul

Paul was a big softy when it came to our 4-legged friends.  He supported PPR in many ways, most notably, as a loving foster dad.  Dogs took to Paul, found a comfy warm spot to snuggle into and felt safe in his loving arms.  Sadly, after suffering a stroke, Paul passed away just days ago.  Paul’s wife, Leah, has asked that in lieu of flowers, people make a donation to save dogs in Paul’s memory.  We can’t think of a better way to honor such a selfless and compassionate man.  Paul’s memory will live on and save lives because of his nature and Leah’s heartfelt request.  We send our thoughts and prayers to Leah and to all of Paul’s family and friends.  All dogs go to heaven and we’re certain they’ve found a comfy spot on Paul’s lap.

Welcome to Poodle and Pooch Rescue

Poodle and Pooch Rescue is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that saves dogs that truly need help. We rescue the "leftovers" from animal control, the dogs nobody wants because they're older or suffer from neglect, abuse or have a medical need. Their "last" day becomes the first day of their new life. We provide the veterinary care they need, a foster family they love and when they're ready, we adopt them to a family who cherishes them. We do not have a physical shelter because every dog lives with one of our foster families. We are all volunteers so your tax-deductible donation goes directly to help the dogs. We have saved over 4000 dogs since 2008. Please help us save even more with a donation marked "Special Needs". 

For a one time donation click here:

For a monthly donation click here:

Choose Your Monthly Donation Amount

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Ivy's Happily Ever After!

Ivy is one of the 73 backyard breeder dogs that we rescued in late July. She spent her entire life outside in a rabbit hutch being bred repeatedly. No one petted her or comforted her. She never went to the vet. Through rain, heat, cold, and even hurricanes, she remained in her cage. Like many of these dogs, she arrived filthy, infested with fleas, encrusted with feces, matted, and with dental issues. Despite her rough state, Ivy’s sweet nature shone through. Once safe with PPR, she was given the medical care and attention she needed. Ivy recovered and was thriving with her foster as she waited for her forever family. And boy the perfect family sure found her!


Laura & Anthony fell in love with Ivy and adopted her in August. Ivy was welcomed into a home with two other pup pals - sister Bailey and brother Charley. Ivy is absolutely adored and pampered; she even has a closet of doggy clothes for every occasion! She enjoys rides on the golf cart and outings in the doggy stroller with her new fur siblings. Ivy’s new life is full of adventures as she travels around the country in her family’s motorhome. Little Ivy is living her best life and her family is so grateful for her companionship.


Dad says, “Just when we thought life could not get any better, you give us Ivy!! She is so much fun and really no trouble at all. Wherever we go - our dogs go.”


Here’s to your next big adventure, Ivy! Don’t forget to send us a postcard!


Super Nova!

Nova needs a foster home! She's THE most loving dog EVER. Yep, ever. She wants to have all the attention, so she must be your one and only pooch. She is mostly a lap dog, but she's young so she has her moments of silliness. She's very kissy so if you don't do kisses, she's NOT your dog. Nova came to PPR after being so neglected that her skin was bleeding, full of sores not fur. Most of her hair has grown back and the rest is on its way. If you want to foster her, click here: Foster Nova!

Thanking Dr. Zern

Exploring her feminine side.

Victory Lap! 

After 3 years confined in a breeder cage, Helen finally gets to sit on a lap. Brelynn is making Helen feel safe and loved for the first time in her life. Thank you to all of our foster families!!

Special Delivery!!

Thanks to Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming The Villages​ we got not one, but two pallets of Fromm dog food to help our puppers get the quality nutrients to help them start their new lives.  We can only image what they were eating while living their lives in cages, but their skin is dry and flaky and their fur coarse. This food will help them get stronger and healthier and make them feel so much better. And because of Woof Gang, they now know there is nothing better than falling asleep on a soft bed in the A/C house with a full belly.  In addition to the generous food donation, store owner and honorary PPR Superhero Beth Whitcomb was able to procure a donation of 80 wonderful harnesses for our dogs from Bark Appeal​.
We can’t thank you enough for your generosity and helping us give these 73 dogs a second chance in life! Please visit Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming The Villages on FB and let them know that you appreciate them or head over to their store in The Villages and tell them in person!

73 Need Homes

Penelope is one of 73 breeder dogs starting their new lives at Poodle and Pooch Rescue. She arrived depressed and uncomfortable with an eye infection, ear infection and a large hernia, her intestines had broken through the abdominal wall. This is caused by pushing in labor. Then pushing again, and again, and again and again as she is bred over and over. Penelope has started her new life in foster care. She's making up for lost time--enjoying her soft beds, air conditioning and loving foster family. We have 72 more dogs receiving their veterinary care right now. These Poodle and other small breeds need foster homes. But let's not focus on their breeds since it's  "caring about breeds" that got them into this mess to begin with. They are shy and scared. They need help with housetraining and learning to walk on a leash. They adore other dogs and they will adore you too. If you want to foster or adopt a sweet, loving small dog who needs patience in adjusting to life outside a cage, click here: Application. Thank you.

Nova Update

We are doing everything we can to help Nova. She is eating great, has enough energy to smother us in kisses and feels better than when she arrived from animal control last week. We ran multiple diagnostics on her and some of the results are worrisome. We are running further tests, Today she will have an ultrasound, which we hope will provide some answers. We know that many of you are concerned about Nova. Those who have donated will receive detailed medical updates and photos/videos via email. Because of the complexity of her case, we cannot engage in an on line discussion of her diagnostic results and veterinary care. We have confidence in our veterinarians who for the past 12 years have been helping us save the dogs that nobody else will— the dogs in the most horrific conditions, with absolutely no medical history or background information. We know that if Nova can be saved, we will save her with the help of our generous donors and experienced veterinarians. Watch the video below of Nova hugging and kissing one of her new friends.

Thank You Petfinder Foundation!

Poodle and Pooch Rescue received a $1,000 Emergency Medical Grant from the Petfinder Foundation. The Petfinder Foundation Emergency Medical Grant program is used to assist Petfinder members who are caring for a pet that needs special life-saving veterinary care in order to become adoptable. The Foundation assists the 12,000+ animal shelters and rescue groups that post their adoptable pets on A nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, the Petfinder Foundation helps adoption organizations find homes for the pets in their care through its Sponsor A Pet, Disaster Fund, Quality of Life and other programs. Since its founding in 2003, the Petfinder Foundation has given more than $20 million in cash and product grants to shelters and rescue groups in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Poodle and Pooch Rescue receives so many dogs that require emergency care when they arrive. Thank you Petfinder for helping us!!

Should We Save Him?

Yes. But will we? YES! This is what your Senior Skip Day donations do! We will pick up Riley from animal control today! When you donate to our Senior Skip Day Fundraiser, a senior gets to skip out of animal control. Seniors at animal control are euthanized because nobody wants them. We can save them, get them the veterinary care they need and the loving homes they deserve. But we can't do this without you. Your donation of $25 changes a life, but if you can help more, so can we. Please donate to Poodle and Pooch Rescue's Senior Skip Day Fundraiser and let's save seniors!

Senior Skip Day Update

Woof! – Clyde here, PPR Alumnus. I am a graduate of the PPR Senior Class of 2017. My human is an accountant, so she taught me to count. Usually, I just count how many dog biscuits she has hidden in her pocket, but today I volunteered to help add up how much money we’ve raised for Senior Skip Day so far. Thanks to your generous donations, we are at 5,415 dog biscuits ...ahem... I mean dollars, of course. Our fundraiser will run through June 26, so there are 4 days left to help us reach our goal of $10,000. That may sound like an awful lot of money but if 450 more people donate just $10 we can make it, so please share this fundraiser with your dog-loving family and friends.

Every dollar raised will be used to help another Senior dog, just like PPR helped me 2 years ago. When I arrived at PPR, I was 8 already years old, was emaciated and had lost all of my hair from neglect. PPR didn’t care that I was older, looked bad, or had expensive medical needs, they knew I needed help. PPR got me the veterinary care I needed to feel better, and my foster family thought I was perfect the way I am -medical needs and all - so I moved in with them permanently. 2 years later I am still living the life! Every day, I am grateful that PPR gave me a new life! I hope you consider making a donation, so PPR can help more Senior dogs like me spend their golden years in a loving home. Thank you!

Love is Timeless

Many times Senior dogs are passed over for adoption at animal control or other shelters. They are deemed “too old,” or not adopted because the time left with them may be limited. We think age is just a number. A senior dog’s affection is timeless, their devotion is ageless, and their love is forever. Senior dogs deserve to spend their golden years in a loving home getting spoiled, not scared and alone in a shelter.

So when we see a Senior dog at animal control that keeps getting overlooked, PPR will step in and help. After we spring the dog out of the shelter, we will bring it to one of our local veterinarians offices so it can get all the medical care it needs before placing it in a foster home. Our medical cost for a Senior dog is on average about $300 more expensive than for a young dog, because all of our Senior dogs receive extra veterinary care such as additional lab work, multiple x-rays, and specialty eye exams. Many also need specialty surgeries that can cost in the thousands. Their love however is priceless – you simply cannot put a price tag on the gratitude these Senior dogs show once they have settled into their loving foster or forever homes and start feeling good again.

If you agree that Senior dogs are worth every penny, please consider a donation to our Senior Skip Day fund, so we can save more Seniors dogs in need. Or, if you would like to open your home and heart to a Senior dog to experience the kind of unconditional love and devotion only a dog with years of experience can give, check out our Adoptable Dogs page for some of the many Seniors we have looking for their forever home.

As Beautiful as a Rose

Left to fend for herself after her owner passed away, Rose found herself headed to animal control, trying to look her best, so a family or rescue group would help her. Rose knew that as a Senior pup looking the way she does, her chances, sadly, weren’t the best. Well, this is the look we fell in love with, so we stepped in and helped this senior skip the shelter! Rose’s inside beauty shines through despite the months of neglect that she’s suffered. We hope you can see it, too!

Rose, just like any of the seniors we take into our care, received a complete exam including senior diagnostics such as bloodwork and radiographs, once she arrived at one of our vet’s office. The first concern is addressing Rose’s skin infection and abnormal bloodwork, but once she is stable enough, we will perform surgery to remove some skin growths and spay her. Rose also suffers from dry eye, a painful eye condition that can cause eye ulcers, which we will address by taking her to an ophthalmology specialist. Most importantly, we will place Rose in a foster home and then help her find a loving forever home, so she does not ever again have to spend another day alone and afraid. It’s nothing but the good life for our golden girl Rose, from here on out!

If you would like to donate to Rose’s extensive medical care, or help us let more deserving Seniors like Rose skip the shelter, please click on the donate button below to contribute to our Senior Skip Day campaign. Rose says thank you!

Won't You Please Foster Me?

My name is Ellie and I'm just 1 yr old and 40 lbs.   I'm looking for a foster home so I can get out of the vet's office.  They're really nice to me here, but I'd sure love to snuggle with a family in a home.  Oh, by the way, I LOVE other dogs!  In fact, I used to go to doggie day care every week where I got to run, play and romp with my other puppy pals.  I'm really treat motivated too so I learn tricks pretty quick!  Also, I'm a licker so I hope you don't mind a smooch or two.  I worked with a trainer and I know all of my basic commands; not to brag or anything, but I'm a pretty smart girl.  The one thing I like too much are cats, so they tell me I'm not allowed to be in a home with them.  I'm looking for a place to crash while I wait for my forever famliy to come along.  I'd love to have another playful dog around too, did I mention that I LOVE dogs?  How can you say no to my sweet face?  If you're interested in learning more about me and would like to hear about PPR's foster program, we'd love to talk to you and hope to volunteer with you! To get started, please complete an application here: 

Adopt Hot Pocket!

Hot Pocket, this little Chi puppy, LOVES other dogs. He has many needs including someone who is home a lot (works from home or part time), and is very patient given his hydrocephalus. But more than anything, Hot Pocket needs an understanding, tolerant doggie best friend. Coco puts up with Hot Pocket's poking and pawing. When Coco needs a break from Hot Pocket bunny-hopping on her head, she jumps on the sofa for a nap. The truth though is that Coco enjoys Hot Pocket's fascination and infatuation with her. If you have the home and best friend that Hot Pocket needs, please click here to apply to adopt this cute little stinker. Hot Pocket!

Pissed Off Pooch!

Ruby Sue can barely fit in this dog bed, but she's just glad to be off the cold concrete floors of animal control. Meanwhile Tye, the little Yorkie you can barely see, lurks in the background, more than a little pissed off! "That’s my bed! Get your own bed!!" Tye doesn’t need anger management classes, he needs Ruby Sue to get out of his bed and find her forever foster home! Ruby Sue is blind, deaf and the nicest dog ever. Yes, ever. She needs someone with a big dog bed to spoil her for the time she has left.  Poodle and Pooch Rescue will provide her veterinary care for life and pay for her expenses. Please help Tye get his bed back. There's no telling what this mad Yorkie will do next--maybe let out a whimper or even take two steps closer!  Click here to be Ruby Sue’s forever foster family. Ruby Sue.


Hot Pocket is a tiny Chi puppy with an open fontanel (soft spot, hole in the skull), therefore dropping him could be fatal. He's also hydrocephalic, sometimes referred to as "water on the brain", which could lead to seizures later in life. And he has strabismus, a condition causing eye misalignment, which is common and asymptomatic except that Hot Pocket won't be able to read for long periods of time. Although Hot Pocket has no symptoms of his conditions, he might later in life and he may never be fully "housetrainable". Right now, Hot Pocket is a kissy, playful, squirmy, happy boy who is like any other puppy you meet, but cuter. But because of his conditions he needs a very specific type of home -- experienced owners, no small children, no large dogs or aggressive cats, parents who won't scold him for accidents (which he may have forever), parents willing to give him seizure meds if needed, a family where one parent works from home (or works part time) and a family who will make his safety their priority (letting strangers hold him could be deadly with one squirm and a drop to the ground). If you fit this ridiculously long list of requirements, please apply to adopt Hot Pocket by clicking here: Hot Pocket!

Angel's Angels

Angel came from a breeder, so neglected, as usual. She had her first surgery within an hour of arriving at Poodle and Pooch Rescue. In her prior life, Angel was nothing, irrelevant, inventory. Now she's treasured, cuddled, and precious. Our special needs foster families transform the emotional well-being of neglected dogs with patience, understanding and so much love. Thank you Becky and Ike for fostering the little ones that need you the most. Angel is ready for a home. This young girl needs a quiet home with parents that will dote on her!!

Sweet Defeat!

Bill with Tyson, Louise and Butters. It took months for Bill to gain the trust of Tyson and Louise after their lives of neglect and abuse.

Despite everything he did to ruin it, Tyson, the old black Chihuahua, is home! Tyson came to PPR after starting a fight at animal control. He was torn up and contracted a rare wound infection. After multiple surgeries, tissue regeneration with wet-to-dry bandages and rounds of antibiotics, Tyson won the battle against the microbes. But Tyson was waging another war-- against humans. He had a rough life and learned that humans are cruel, so he was understandably a stinker! His wagging tail lured you in for a bite! Bill, who had just tamed and adopted Louise (the Chihuahua standing on his lap), was determined to help Tyson too. It took months, but Bill did it! Now Tyson adores Bill (and only Bill)! So in a social media world filled with people seeking praise for doing what's expected, people who confuse typing with action, what makes Bill so different? Bill is a warrior. He fought Tyson's fear with compassion, patience but mostly the strength not to give up. Tyson was a fighter most of his life, but Bill was just too much for him. Tyson surrendered and is enjoying every moment of his sweet defeat!

Nothing Matters 
What can you pay someone to work 20-60 hours a week to help homeless dogs? To fight for the victims of the worst humans? To see things they can't unsee? To humble themselves to beg others for help? To care so much, their dreams are affected?  NOTHING. Because they either do it for nothing, or they can’t do it. Our volunteers are nameless, faceless heroes at their computers working on administrative tasks, completing grant forms, racking their brains for the next fundraiser, driving dogs to the vet, caring for dogs in their homes and crying for the ones they can't save. They don’t do it for recognition, approbation or remuneration. They do it for nothing. “Nothing” matters to our donors because Poodle and Pooch Rescue spends nothing on salaries. And it matters to our volunteers because although nothing will stop some people, it won't stop them.
Leo is Finally Here!! 

If you’re a snow bird, waiting for your snow bunny, well here he is! Leo's owners boarded him, then never returned. He's a senior on heart medicine. Does he look sad? Nope. Depressed? Nope. Excited for his new life? Yep! How long will he live? Maybe 6 months, maybe 3 years— we don’t know. But we promise that Leo will do his best to live forever if you give him the life he deserves. Want to adopt Leo? Click here: Meet Leo!


We have some exciting news!!!!

We are thrilled to announce that Poodle and Pooch Rescue was chosen as one of eight Central Florida non-profits to be displayed on the LYNX Public Service bus FOR A WHOLE YEAR!!!!!

This honor is both exhilarating and humbling. Our focus is and always will be on saving the dogs who need us most. With the LYNX Public Service bus, we’ll be able to spread that message all over the greater Orlando area.

If you happen to see our logo on the LYNX bus while you're out, (and you can safely take a picture) please share it with us - we’d love to know where you saw us.

Thank you LYNX for choosing PPR to be among such wonderful and amazing non-profits helping to make Central Florida a better place for all.

Saving Annie 

This little girl came to us from Orange County Animal Services in late February. We named her Annie. Annie has a long list of medical issues, but she feels good! Her appetite and energy are great, and she loves everyone she meets. Annie is blind, had several tumors that we have removed, and has an ongoing liver issue that is causing her to have seizures. Annie is a senior and given her health conditions we think she may only have 8 months left, but hopefully more. She will live with a PPR Furever Foster Family where she will be spoiled every single day for the rest of her life. PPR will provide all of her veterinary care. Is Eight months Enough to save this dog? Annie thinks so because she knows the rest of her life will be the best of her life. If you agree, please donate $8 to our Eight is Enough Campaign. We have raised $5,278 so far and are trying to raise $8,000 by April 18th so we can continue to save dogs like Annie. Eight is Enough, if enough people care.

Breeder Throwaways 

Sugarplum and A.J. are “throwaways” that made their way to PPR, after their breeder no longer wanted them. The pair was surrendered to a groomer, because they were no longer “useful” to the breeding operation. They were handed to the groomer matted and filthy, crawling with parasites, and covered in feces. After a nice clean bath and a makeover, Sugarplum and A.J. made their way to PPR, so they could receive the veterinary care they so desperately needed. Sugarplum is 9-years-old and her body shows the signs from being bred over and over again. Upon intake, our vet determined that Sugarplum had pyometra, a serious and life threatening infection of her uterus. Thankfully we caught it just in time, so we immediately rushed her into surgery, where our vet removed her uterus. Sugarplum's right side was also full of mammary tumors, so we performed a mastectomy at the same time. A.J. is 7-years-old and arrived cryptorchid, which made his neuter surgery a bit more complicated. Both dogs also needed dental work.

Please donate $8 to our Eight is Enough campaign so we can continue to save dogs like Sugar Plum and A.J. For you, $8 might mean skipping your next Starbucks latte, or passing on eating out for lunch. For dogs like Sugar Plum and A.J., your donation allows them to start over with a brand-new life! Eight is Enough if enough people care!





We Will Help Breeders 

Many of our adult/senior dogs come from breeders. They are getting out of the business/downsizing or have dogs that are not producing anymore due to age or health issues. These dogs need veterinary care, which we are happy to provide so that the dogs can start their new lives. We get them the specialized care they need so they will be ready to start their new lives being spoiled by a family. Usually breeders have too many dogs and hide their condition for fear of being turned into the authorities. But when breeders give us their dogs, we keep their names anonymous. We usually don’t even know their names or where they live, nor do we care. Sometimes they meet us in parking lots surrendering 2 - 20 dogs. Sometimes they ask us to come to their property to load up all of their dogs. Sometimes they have a family member or friend bring the dogs directly to our vet. Usually the condition of these dogs is awful, but we are used to that. We get them the veterinary care they need and find them loving families. Please, if you are a breeder or know a breeder who is looking for a way out, without getting into trouble, we will help. We have helped over 30 breeders get out of the business and we are happy to help you or someone you know. Whether it’s 2 dogs or 200 dogs, please call us at 321-277-3089 or email us at Angel arrived yesterday at 1pm from a breeder who did the right thing by calling us for help. Angel (pictured above) was in surgery by 1:30 for a mouth so rotten, the scar tissue prevented her from opening it. If you can help us afford Angel's care or her sister Lilly (pictured below), please click here. Thank you.

Thank You, Becca!

To quote our beautiful volunteer, Teresa, who met this young lady to collect donations for PPR - "This little girl, Becca, is the sweetest thing ever!  She raised $410, a dog bed and a bunch of toys to donate to PPR for her 10th birthday.  She said she sees advertisements for dogs that don't have homes and she wanted to help.  Her friend told her about PPR and that's when she decided that she didn't need birthday gifts, she just wanted to help dogs in need." 

WOW!  We are in awe of this young lady and her kindness.  Thank you, Becca, for recognizing the need and for your heartfelt and selfless act.  At such a young age, you are wise beyond your years. 



PPR Shirts! 

Tank Tops, T-Shirts, Long-Sleeve Shirts, Hoodies -- You name it, we have it!! Pick your color, style, size and wear your PPR shirts everywhere! When people ask, tell them about Poodle and Pooch Rescue. This is a stylish way to spread the word! Pick your favorite design on your favorite color!  Here is just a sample of the styles and colors available.


PPR’s President, Rebecca Lynch The Rescue Realtor

Rebecca helps Central Florida families find their new homes while helping our pets in need do the same.  If you're looking for a new home, please visit  With each home purchased or sold, Rebecca makes a generous donation to the animal welfare organization that you choose - like PPR!  When you find a home, so do they!


****You Can Help****

You can help by adopting, fostering, volunteering or donating so we can save more dogs.  Please visit the How to Help page for more details.

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To foster, please fill out the Foster Application.  We ask for a 2-3 week commitment and we supply everything you need.  All of our dogs are fully vetted and groomed before going into foster care.  You can also call or email us so we can answer your questions.  Our foster moms and dads are our heroes! 

To volunteer, email us and let us know what you'd like to do.  We need transporters, help with events, people that can sew and lots more!

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