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 Some of Our Furever Fosters 

Some of our dogs will never be adopted because they have a medical condition or they are too old and to move them from their loving foster family would break their heart.  These dogs live with our Furever Foster Families who love them for the rest of their lives.  Although they are blind, very old or have special medical needs, don't be sad for them! They are loved and happy!  Their foster families adore them! Some of our forever fosters are featured below. There are at least a dozen more living out their lives with PPR Furever Foster Families.

    Poodle and Pooch Rescue
    We are 100% FOSTER BASED and do not have a location to visit.  If you would like to mail something to donate,
    please email us at the address below and we'll provide you with an address.  Thank You!
    Federal Tax ID#: 26-3448560
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