Look Who's Tickling the Ivories!

It's never too soon to teach a puppy new tricks. Or, in puppy Belle's case, a new talent!  At just 10 weeks old, she's already learning about all the amazing things the gigantic world has to offer. Whoa, who knew this great big thing could make all these funny sounds, hee hee?! Tiny Belle discovers something new every single day, while keeping her foster family entertained and giggling!  Adopt this talented and absolutely adorable little puppy now by submitting an application right here on our website.

Volunteer Spotlight-- Meet Baylee!! 

Young Baylee loves it when her grandparents, Mary and Doug, bring home a new foster dog. It means that Baylee gets to visit the new furry visitor and pitch in with lots of cuddles and snuggles. The newest foster dog is poodle girl Tessie, who already thinks Baylee is awesome!!  And even though Tessie's vision is limited, she feels the love every time Baylee comes to play!  Thank you Baylee for helping all the little foster doggies like Tessie feel loved. Tessie hopes her forever family adopts her soon, but til then she'll keep soaking up the love with Mary, Doug and Baylee. You can apply to adopt Tessie today!

Easy Like Sunday Morning......... 

A little sunshine, a cool breeze, a full tummy and a comfy lap. That's what Sunday's made for when you're a chilled out, laid back dog like Honey Bunny. This beauty would be perfectly happy if every day could be Sunday! What's not to love about a relaxed day hanging out with her foster family?  Add Miss Honey Bunny to your family and she'll gladly show you how chilin' out is done. She's got Easy like Sunday morning down pat! Apply to adopt Honey Bunny before Sunday!

Corky's Waiting for his Play Date!!! 

Pleeeeaasse come play!  Please, please, pretty please!  Corky adores his foster family, especially his best little boy buddy Zack. Zack has the coolest toys, after all   And, best of all,  Zack keeps Corky on his toes which is good for a Bichon boy who used to be known as Porky Corky. Huh, who wants a name like that?  Certainly not this happy boy, especially now that he's with a foster family who feeds him just right, plays with him, and takes him on daily walks!  Corky knows his forever family will be just as perfect and will give Corky the full life he craves. So adopt Corky if you're ready for lots of play dates!

PPR's Road Warriors... At it Again!  

Debbie and Dave are devoted adopters to 2 precious PPR pooches. And now they are part of the team of volunteers committed to saving more dogs!  This couple was not content to sit on the sidelines, so they joined PPR as part of our road warrior team. That's the team of incredible volunteers who get the urgent call to save a dog, and without hesitation, off they go. These movers and shakers transport homeless dogs to their dream destination, Poodle and Pooch Rescue! So, thank you Debbie, Dave, and every single road warrior. You are the first leg on the journey to an amazing new beginning for every dog in our care. And a "high paw" salute from the dogs, too!

Puppies, Puppies & More Puppies! 

Maizey and her pups are going to need some help soon.  In 3 weeks these pups will be ready for foster homes.  Maizey will welcome some help and relief!  Please apply to foster one, two or even 3 of these pups by clicking here:  Foster Application.

Mimi's Extreme Makeover

Last December, little Mimi finally convinced her "owner" to contact PPR to arrange for a makeover. As you can see from her "Before" photo, this little girl was in serious need of help!  Mimi is a diva, after all, and was terribly embarrassed by the awful condition she was in. She was sure PPR could work some magic to bring her back to the vibrant, adorable dog she was born to be. And boy, was she right!  Here is Mimi today, 4 months later showing off her big reveal!  The vet visits, the medications, and the surgeries were all worth it. Oh, and the spa days, delectable cuisine, cushy beds, and abundance of toys she receives in her 5 star foster home have made her stay with PPR most enjoyable. Mimi is bright eyed, fluffy and as sassy as ever thanks to the support of all her fans and her foster mom Deb. She will recommend this PPR makeover team any day!  Call it magic or a medical miracle, but Mimi is Made Over and ready for a forever home fit for a queen!

Please Visit the PPR Recovery Room 

PPR saves as many medically needy dogs as we can afford. These dogs have fixable conditions, but their veterinary care is more costly.  We get them the treatment or surgery they need, then they go on to live happy lives. Please visit the Recovery Room Page and make a donation of any amount.  You can help us save these animal control dogs who just need a little extra care. They need us. We need you. Thank you.

Official DDAF Grantee

Welcome to Poodle and Pooch Rescue

Poodle and Pooch Rescue is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that saves dogs that truly need help. We rescue the "leftovers" from animal control, the dogs nobody wants because they're older or suffer from neglect, abuse or have a medical need. Their "last" day becomes the first day of their new life. We provide the veterinary care they need, a foster family they love and when they're ready, we adopt them to a family who cherishes them. We are all volunteers so your tax-deductible donation goes directly to help the dogs. We have saved over 2,700 dogs since 2008. Please help us save even more with a donation marked "Special Needs".  Our greatest need is for donations for our Special Needs dogs, some of whom you can visit on the In Recovery Page.

Why not 9,999 Wags and Wishes?  Visit the Poodle and Pooch Rescue website tomorrow at 10am to find out!!

Jagger Hits the Jackpot .... with Julie! 

Jagger came to PPR a mess and leaves us as a handsome boy, with a beautiful new mom Julie! Jagger hit the jackpot and even gets to go to work with his new mom!  Julie, PPR thanks you for adopting a special needs dog who was waiting for someone exactly like YOU.  Our special needs adopters are amazing and our special needs dogs are so grateful!

Foster One of Us!!

The pups below need foster homes!  If you are a current foster family, just let us know which face is calling your name!  If you are not a current foster family, take 5 minutes and fill out the foster application by clicking here: Foster Application and let us know which pup you want to take home!  We ask for a 2-3 week commitment and we supply you with everything you need!

Big City Boy!

Fozzie is living the dream since his arrival at PPR. Our furry man about town, along with foster mom Leigh, are catching all the sights as they explore Orlando and beyond! Fozzie was certain he was being handed his retirement papers at that icky shelter, but no way that was gonna happen once PPR and Leigh stepped in. Retirement?  Forget about it. Fluffy Fozzie  goes to work with Leigh every day and so far has earned a star of excellence, despite sleeping on the job.  Hey, it's tough trying to  juggle work AND a social life!  Adopt Fozzie, the social butterfly. He promises to deliver love and snuggles and be the best sight seeing companion you've ever had. Apply right here on the PPR website!

Three New Arrivals You Have Saved 

"Abuse Dog", "Neglect Dog" and "Car-hit Dog".  That's how these three were known before they arrived at PPR.  Now they are Scamper, Babs and Hinkley.  Please donate to our Special Needs fund so we can continue to say "yes" when animal control asks us to save the Special Needs Dogs.

Baby has a Howling Good Time! 

Watch the video below to see Baby showing off her skills at last week's adoption event.  This funny, happy girl will keep your family entertained for years!!  Visit the Adoptable Dogs Page and apply to adopt or foster Baby!

_____ Billy Found his Angel! _____ 

Billy thinks his new mom Barbara is the loveliest lady he's ever met!  She cuddles with him and makes sure he always looks spiffy!  Billy is sure that Barbara must be an angel, especially since he wasn’t sure if anyone would adopt him since he's blind. Thankfully, Barbara didn't give it a second thought, because she happens to think Billy is perfect in every way. And what he lacks in sight, he makes up for in personality! These two are enjoying their retirement years together, doing lots of gardening. Billy loves all the wonderful smells outside in the yard!  We celebrate when any dog finds his forever home, but when an older or special needs dog goes home, we are reminded of how generous and loving people can be.  Thank you Barbara for opening up your home and heart to Billy!

Welcome Colony Plaza Animal Hospital! 

Welcome Colony Plaza Animal Hospital to PPR! Lucky Pipo was Dr. Drum's first PPR patient.  We hope Pipo created a good impression because we are thrilled to have Colonly Plaza, in The Villages, as PPR's newest veterinary partner! 

~ Get Your Comfy PPR T-Shirt ~ 

These T-Shirts are made of a silky-soft cotton that is oh so comfy, not the normal stiff T-Shirt material we are all used to! Click the Buy Now button below and tell us what size you would like.  For a $20 donation we'll mail your T-Shirt right to your doorstep!  These shirts are beautiful, make unique gifts and are a great way to show your support!


You Can Help

You can help by adopting, fostering, volunteering or donating so we can save more dogs.  Please visit the How to Help page for more details.

To adopt, please fill out the Adoption Application and we'll call you to help find the right match for your family.  To foster, please also fill out the Adoption Application but write in that you'd like to foster.  We ask for a 2-3 week commitment and we supply everything you need.  All of our dogs are fully vetted and groomed before going into foster care.  You can also call or email us so we can answer your questions.  Our foster moms and dads are our heroes! 

To volunteer, email us and let us know what you'd like to do.  We need transporters, photographers, people that can sew and lots more!

To donate, please click on any of the paypal buttons on our website. With every donation you'll receive photos and updates of the dog(s) you've helped, including a photo of your dog with his new family when he's adopted! 


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